Ways to Connect

Other Technology Ways to Connect:

  • Milo Eckles, one of the 10 original road trippers, updated another way to connect electronically in advance of the event.  The site was down for a while and now should be operational.  The website contains pertinent emails about the event that will be migrated to our site next year.  We are not planning to coordinate congestion at the superchargers as it looks as if most people will be spread out enough & charging generally only takes 20 minutes.  Milo’s sites are either custer.eckles.us or www.custer.eckles.us If you have questions, he can be reached at milo@eckles.us or 720-560-9859.

• Another enthusiast and participant, Bill Talbot has created a way to track each other on the trip. Here are the details: The concept is called a bang tag and if you choose to use it, feel free. The tag created is (!soundofsilence) note the exclamation mark, or bang in the tag. Anyone that knows this tag can follow the progress of the rally. First they must go to www.glympse.com to download the app, add tag !soundofsilence and then it can be e-mailed or texted.

NOTE:  You can follow the progress of the rally with ANY internet-connected device with a web browser by going to the following web address: http://www.glympse.com/!soundofsilence

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