Charging Will Be Awesome (again):

The six Level 2 chargers in the Chamber of Commerce lot will be live and available. Look on Plug Share for the exact location.

Last year Tesla Destination Charging worked with local hotels get Tesla wall chargers and 32A Clipper Stations installed in the community. There are now 8 locations throughout town at: 2 @ Bavarian Inn, 2 @ Super 8 Motel, 2 @ Comfort Inn, 2 @ Holiday Inn, 2 @ Rocket Motel, 2@ Rock Crest Motel, 2 @ Econo Lodge.

In addition, we will have temporary chargers: 4 @ Dacotah Bank (across the street from the Chamber offices, 20 @ the old Flintstones Campground by the Holiday Inn Express (it is closed but we have charging access) Nema 14-50 @ French Creek RV Camp spread about to several transformers to ensure we do not trip any circuits (like the first year…).

Dave is also planning shuttle service to the charging sites from the hotels for those needing a lift during their charging times – talk about great service! Dave has a tour company on-board for transportation around town to get to your cars after charging. Details on how this will work will be coordinated on Friday at the mixer.

There are other charging locations near the site including local RV parks. We will ensure plenty of access for charging in town.

For those coming from the east, there are four Super Chargers 45 miles from Custer in Rapid City, SD off of I-90 (north side in the mall parking lot).

For those traveling from Denver, the last Super Charger is in Lusk, WY (at the Wagon Wheel Motel) so charge fully as it is uphill and often windy in Wyoming.

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